Dec 2, 2008

Chicken lunch

We drove home from Palm Springs on Monday morning. Of course I had food on my mind since I knew we would be arriving home at lunchtime. No food in the house. Meaning no food in the house for husband. I stock pile my broccoli, cheese, nuts and dried fruit so I'm prepared for a long week of writing, or a natural disaster.

I considered husband stopping at Del Taco on the way into LA so his lunch needs would be met. But then I thought, his food might get cold and he will have to eat right away and the car won't be unpacked and we won't get to eat together because I have to cook my broccoli feel me?

I decided to go grocery shopping while pathetically over-hungry and husband unpacked the car (good husband). This is what he ate: roasted chicken, steamed veggies and chips. I had the usual.

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