Dec 18, 2008


I had so much fun today making turkey sausage strata and chocolate pumpkin bread. Don't worry, pics will follow!

After those recipes were completed, I made husband an organic beef burger with tofu "cheddar" cheese, tomato and greens with mustard, mayo and ketchup. He also had tots and veggies. Then genius boy wanted dessert, so he sliced a banana, added some frozen black cherries and nuked it for 30 seconds. So creative.

Now we are off to watch the finale of Celebrity Rehab. Genius show.

Mine: cucumber, broccoli, cheese, nuts and dried pineapple.


  1. will you also post your tofu cheddar cheese recipe? or was it store-bought?

  2. Hi dolly. Just store bought "cheddar" tofu cheese. His favorite brand is Soya Kaas. What's yours? xoxo