Nov 16, 2008

Laura's thank you dinner party

Our friend Laura hosted a thank you party for her friends who helped her through two tough foot surgeries last summer.  So sweet.  The spread had a little bit of everything:  pot stickers, sushi, Asian veggies, two kinds of chicken, black beans, brown rice, salsa, tortillas and salad.  I think it's great to have lots of options for guests, that way they can create their own optimal meal.  It was delish, always great to have food made with love.

After dinner, Laura had an optional "show and tell" where we show or tell about something we are grateful for.  I brought my aunt Sharyn's handmade cards that were my bridal shower present.  It's about 30 cards, all individual, original creations that were bits and pieces of our wedding invitations, which she also designed.  Totally amazing.  They are easily the best gift I have ever received.


  1. Those handmade cards sound beautiful and the show and tell was a great idea. Would love to see a photo of the handmade cards! What a lovely gift.

  2. Hello Sheffy! Lovely to meet you! I will have a photo session with my cards and post them straight away. Great site by the way...beautiful. xoxo