Nov 10, 2008

Eat Repeat Ambassador Cori's delish Vegas adventure continues!

One of my best and most gorgeous ladies, Cori, spent last weekend in Vegas to celebrate her, well, um...29th birthday. She generously indulged my love of food porn so the following are some shots of what she ate with commentary as well. Enjoy (and if you want to know more about this lovely and talented lady, check out!

"Dinner at Red Square in Mandalay Bay. This was my entree: Roquefort filet mignon, potato puree, roasted garlic and red wine sauce.

It came highly recommended and for good reason. The Roquefort is part of a compound butter they put on top of the steak while it cooks and the amazing flavor of the compound seeps into the steak as it is cooked to medium rare perfection.

Also worth noting is that they served the best and smoothest slightly dirty martini I have ever had with blue cheese stuffed olives. It is also worth mentioning that the ambiance is incredible. We sat in a velvety booth, our waiter was flawless and took plenty of time with us to get an idea of what we liked so he could give us appropriate recommendations. Every recommendation he made was a winner."

"So I am drinking really good wine at this point and keep forgetting to take the picture before taking a bite. This was braised short rib with a lobster risotto. Amazing risotto and the short rib was so moist you could cut it with a fork."

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