Nov 9, 2008

Cinnamon apples and such

Husband is almost two weeks off of sugar.  I know this well.  It is at once painful and liberating (if you are a sugar addict-which I am-hard core).  I've been making him little desserts that have no sugar to help him not to feel deprived.  These are chopped  apples cooked in a sauce pan with a tiny bit of butter, cinnamon and about 2 Tablespoons of pure grape juice.  He likey.

The apples went along with a typical chicken burrito meal:  burrito, beans, veggies, chips and salsa.  He was in a bit of a carb coma after this meal.  We are thinking EITHER beans OR chips, not both, in the future.  Unless he is really hungry.  Which could easily happen.

Mine:  cucumber, green beans, cheese, nuts and dried pineapple.

I swear to you, this meal was supposed to be way more interesting.  I made a reservation at Il Fornaio on Beverly Drive.  We were going to eat and then go to Crate & Barrel to pick up an impulse buy we had a few weeks ago (it's an apple green leather ottoman-just silly).  But husband had an unusually long day with Austin and was too tired.  I swear, we will go out on day soon!

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