Nov 16, 2008

Bad scallops

Oh, so sorry husband! I am not an expert seafood lady, but I know that it's not supposed to smell super fishy or be mushy. These scallops did not smell fishy at all (until they started cooking) and were firm.

When I put them in the pan, they started to release all this milky watery liquid and they smelled very strong. Not a good sign. I kept draining them, plated with sauteed veggies and finished the dish with lemon and Romano cheese (ever the optimist). He took one bite and said it tasted like metal. Tragic. They were expensive too! From now on, only buying fish from fish markets or Whole Foods.

We made him a chicken burrito and he ate his yams. Then we opened every window, turned on every fan and got the scallop stink out after 12 hours. Gross.

PS Never buy seafood from Von's in Santa Monica on Euclid and Wilshire.

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