Oct 3, 2008

Steak burrito and more stuffing

You know when you don't work long hours for awhile and then you have a day where you work for five hours in a row and you feel totally exhausted. Yea, that's me right now.

Luckily cooking is my favorite form of relaxation. Husband had a steak burrito made with leftover tri-tip that I sauteed with some cumin, taco seasoning, onions, jalapeno tofu cheese and a dash of hot sauce. Served with cut romaine lettuce dressed in no-oil cilantro lime drizzle, refried beans, salsa, blue corn chili chips and roasted asparagus. Fried banana for dessert.

We watched Fringe which is just not good, but it's one show that is more about him than me, and he needs one of those (poor Project Runway, Dancing With The Stars husband!).

I had cucumber, asparagus AND broccoli, bread and cheese stuffing, and one fruit bar. I miss nuts a little bit.

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