Oct 30, 2008

No Akasha

We were supposed to have a celebration dinner (a celebration of what we don't know, we can't remember the original reason for said dinner) but husband had to work late, so we had pizza and Caesar salad from Earth, Wind and Flour again.  My stupid idea and now I feel like a fat pig.  Pizza is just not something I can do in moderation.

I was having a little self-portrait session while waiting for husband to come home.  This is our living room which also serves as my office where I type all day whilst watching Jon & Kate Plus 8.  I love that show, and Aaden and Leah are my favorites.

He ended up not coming home, I drove to him and watched him finish a title sequence for a new Will Smith movie.  He was being important work husband.  Very proud.  He deserved pepperoni pizza.

Now I'm off to try and spin off all of that dough.  Peace.

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