Oct 30, 2008

God is a perfect cupcake

I'm kind of a spiritual gal. You could say I'm searching for a personal, cozy relationship with God, which involves knowing what my God is. Not an easy question for me. I wasn't raised in a religious home, and although I was aware of God and of people believing in Him/Her/It, this didn't really mean anything to me.

Through my years on the planet and the various struggles that come along with existence, I have found great comfort in a "God" or a "higher power" that is bigger than me and any of my brilliant ideas as to what my life should be like.

I have had a very hard time communicating with some Godly force that I can't see or feel or touch (or ingest), and thus, it was suggested that I pick something that symbolizes God for me. I jokingly replied, "a perfect cupcake".

This instantly came to mind because I was recently at a gorgeous cupcake boutique and the simple treats, presented carefully and adorably, made me so incredibly happy I honestly felt like anything was possible. These little confections made me want to be a better writer, wife, sister, daughter, friend and person. They made me want to create some beauty in the world.

Why my God is a perfect cupcake:

It's beautiful
It's delicate
It's made with love and care
It's made to bring smiles and pleasure
It inspires reverence and even possible worship
It requires patience, learning and a bit of faith to create

Who/What/Where is your God?

1 comment:

  1. interesting. now, did you bake that cupcake, because that would be saying some things about you. :)

    i grew up catholic, and have since abandoned that in favour of a more intimate 'spiritual' belief. i really believe more in the power of life, but i have a very science-minded brain and it can be difficult for me to associate life with with something other than molecules and atoms and environmental conditions. weird, huh?

    but i'm not all dogmatic - i think everyone has their own relationship and it's nice to hear that some people find spirituality in cupcakes. :)