Oct 13, 2008

Monday night dinner

I don't think my body likes ingesting 12 ounces of yams a day.  Can we say "too much fiber"?  Yah.  So dinner was yam mash, string cheese, green beans and broccoli, and dried pineapple rings.

Today I am feeling easily overwhelmed.  This is what happens when my week involves lots of multi-tasking and requires juggling many projects that I cannot complete in any one time period.  I got incredibly pissed when a client dismissed my mild complaint of being tired after running a 5K near the north LA fires.  That's how I know I'm teetering on the edge in the stress department.

Husband had chicken enchiladas with some tri tip thrown in, refried beans with jalapeno tofu cheese, chips, guac and a green salad, which he didn't eat.  He was supposed to go to a meeting, but was home with every light in the house on (God bless America) when I got home.  Not feeling well.  Feverish, which makes him incredibly cuddly.  Awww.  Off to make him some tea...

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