Jul 26, 2008

Small town Mexican and my last meal

We stayed at this completely charming and fabulous B&B, The Old Crocker Inn. I can never remember the name of the town, but we're still in Northern California. There wasn't much dinner action, so we hit up this tiny Mexican joint. Another ok meal. This is a chicken tamale.

Oh, God. This is hard to look at. I woke up feeling fine. Worked out. Drove all morning. I had a few carrot sticks as a snack in the car, and my stomach immediately started hurting. Hmmm. Got really hungry and stopped at this diner for lunch. I had chili, clam chowder (hurl) and a biscuit. I should have known when I couldn't finish my lunch that I was in big trouble.

Evan's stuffed french toast with eggs and sausage. Ugh.

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