Jul 26, 2008

Dinner with the Gardners

I hadn't eaten since Tuesday, except for a few crackers and a banana. I thought I was feeling better, so we went to see Mama Mia and then headed to McMenamins for dinner. By the way, I got sick at the best possible time. Evan's sister and her family spend the summers in Bend, Oregon. We had never been. Now we want to move there. Idyllic. Plus, Evan had a whole family to play with while I contemplated God in the bathroom.

Oh. This is a spinach salad Evan and Angie ate.

Boys and their pizza. This pizza was exceptionally good.

Angie and I split these two sandwiches. One was a veggie hummus on focaccia and the other was a grilled portobello on sourdough. The portobello was way better.

The men had fish 'n chips. Then we went home and I got sick again.

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