May 14, 2008

Final Meals Before The Big Trip

I like to call this meal "meltdown Cuban". It was another very hot day. I had attended a lovely networking soiree and was feeling all giddy about my future as a copy writing foodie healer. I was also extremely tired, stressed, hungry and yes, hot.

All seemed fine. Ev ordered us some lovely Cuban fare which was delivered. I was busy plating and photographing my fare (chicken breast, black beans and fried plantains). Then I spilled the beans. Literally. On the counter. I promptly began cursing and crying "I don't know how to get beans off a counter". Evan was appropriately frightened. He talked me down and I happily ate my lukewarm meal 20 minutes later like a three year old who missed her nap. God bless me. The last meal before my trip home to Ann Arbor for the bridal bonanza. Mr. man got brown rice pasta with homemade turkey meatballs, mixed veggies and two kinds of tofu cheese.

I also made him a sausage strata in case he was in need of nourishment during my absence. He ate it once.

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