Apr 1, 2011

I Am Not Dead

Hi y'all.  I'm sorry I have not touched this blog in three months. It's not that I'm not eating, I'm just not cooking.  Or cheffing.  I'm mommying, and this has zapped all kitchen creativity from my soul.  I am cautiously optimistic that my verve will return one day, and actually have a couple of culinary ideas in the pipeline, but for now this is what my food world looks like:

String cheese

Vegan cookies. They're healthy cuz they're vegan. Shut up.


Frozen green beans

Bars. Lotsa bars.

Frozen Broccoli

Versailles Chicken

I am still blogging! If you miss my stunning wit, or are wondering what the hell I'm doing with myself, come find me at MamaMandy.com


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