Mar 31, 2010

My 700th Post! Honeymoon: Take Two. Part One Of ?

First of all, I cannot believe this is my 700th post!  I feel so productive.

Our dear friends, Kenny and Izumi, offered to let us stay in their beautiful cabin in Pine Mountain Club, California.

Husband has dubbed this our honeymoon do-over.  Word.  This was our first honeymoon.  We did everything wrong and learned things like it is best to have a place to stay beforehand.  And not to eat clam chowder.

 I like to start my vacations at Denny's because, as you know, vacation calories don't count.

Husband's hot chocolate.  Don't really get hot chocolate with french toast for breakfast, but he doesn't get salt on my french toast.  No judging in happy marriages.

The iPhone is still active, which means vacation has not yet kicked in.

Mine.  Yup, three slices, but I used sugar free syrup.  Yummmm, malitol.

Husband's french toast slam.  I don't opt for the egg and bacon chaser, I mainline the sugar and carbs.

The view from the livingroom.   See our yoga mats?  We haven't utilized them yet, but we have gone on two hikes!  One in the snow!

Husband bought tulips.  Romantical husband.

Izumi advised us to bring our own food.  Pine Mountain Club makes a small town look like a big town.  They barely have any restaurants, at all, but they have lots and lots of liquor stores.  Hmmm.

We stocked up on cereal, nuts, stuff to make smoothies and Green Monsters, and some good crap, like reduced fat cheese puffs and chocolate covered almonds (vacation calories, remember?).

We went to La Lena in the Pine Mountain village and got our Mexican on.  We won't talk about the fuschia bathroom with a tiny turquoise door to nowhere or the sticky menus, the food tasted pretty good.  Started with chips and salsa.

Husband wanted a margarita, but La Lena's is without a liquor license...don't worry!  They do serve a wine margerita and a wine pina colada.  Husband had the "Winerita" which he said almost worked, until it started reminding him of his wine cooler puking junior college days.  Oh well.  Love the crystal pimp cup, too!

Mine (don't worry, I didn't finish it):  tres amigos enchiladas-one beef, one chicken, one cheese.  The sauces were yummy, the meat was flavorful but dry.  I gave husband my guacamole.

Husband had the chicken enchiladas.

Now, nobody got sick, but I was not hungry until noon the next day, and husband's stomach is still talking to him (grumble, grumble).  Eating out in small towns is like going barefoot at a public pool.

For brunch, husband made himself a smoothie (self sufficient husband) with fresh mango, banana and frozen berries and cherries.

Mine:  cucumbers, carrots, organic string cheese (watched Food, Inc. and have a renewed passion/panic for organic, sustainable food) and...

...a Trader Joe's Inside Out Carrot Cake Cookie.  The cookie part was pretty good-cinnamony, moist, chewy, lots of raisins.  The frosting part did not work for me (should have known when the check-out girl told me these weren't her "favorite").  It was too cheesy and dense.  I would like it more whippy and sugary.

For our afternoon activity, we predicted our futures.  Word.

This is the future of our baby (not yet in existence, probably).

This is the future of husband's film making.

This is the future of my personal chef career.

I loved the little girl on my "goal" card.  She reminds me of me:  the hat, the boots, being alone in her room, her rainbow rug.  As husband said, often when I get dressed I look like "a rainbow threw up."  I love compliments.

Husband's future eating habits. Right on.

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