Mar 18, 2010

BIG lunch at Westside Tavern

Mom came to visit all the way from Ann Arbor, Michigan.  This is cause for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than overeating?  I can't think of anything...

When we got there, we each had an empty plate, which made husband promptly sport his best Oliver face.

Mom does a pretty good pathetic face as well.

Don't worry, they fed us.  The Westside Tavern had won an award for best burger in the city, so we ordered them all around.  We started with fries, which I only ate a couple of.  They were meh, in my opinion, but I'm not a fry connoisseur.

Husband ordered a cup of vegan tomato basil soup.  It had a lot of flavor, but was a bit too acidic.  It was kinda like pasta sauce.  As a chef, I know that tomato sauce, soup, whathaveyou, is hard to balance the acid without going too sweet.

The burger.  LOVED the egg bun, loved the juiciness of the meat (done medium rare), but the flavor of everything else was unremarkable.  I couldn't taste the cheddar cheese or the arugula or the caramelized onions...guess I'm a big flavor girl.

Then, I got in big trouble.

After eating my entire cheese burger...I ordered sticky toffee cake.  Oh my.

So freaking good, but I swear, if I'm going to order dessert, I should just eat dessert because I cannot stop eating it, and this was no small piece of cake.

It was awesome, and I will say worth every bite, but I think I just gained five pounds.  Eek.

More to love, right?

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