May 18, 2011

Mandy's Meals. Healthy Shouldn't Taste This Good.

Welcome!  My focus as a personal chef is on healthy comfort food (but I can also roll with sugar, butter and bacon...I have dessert for dinner at least twice a month).  

I am a graduate of The New School Of Cooking who is fully licensed, insured, ServSafe certified and a proud member of the USPCA.

How It Works
I come to your home and whip up beautiful dishes for your family. You choose from my extensive menu (or let me know what you’re craving), and I do the shopping, cooking, storing, clean-up and leave you with heating instructions and your kitchen exactly how I found it (if not cleaner). I am your food fairy! 

The "Stock Your Fridge and Freezer" Service
4 entrées, 2 sides, 6 generous servings each, plus one dessert and one breakfast entrée  
(30 total meals, plus sides and dessert)

Plan, Shop & Prep Service

Feel overwhelmed by the grocery store? Have trouble coming up with fresh menu ideas? Like to cook but hate to prep? This is the perfect service for you. I will plan your weekly menu, shop for all ingredients, and prep the meals.

Cooking Only Service

This is the opposite of the last service. If you know what you like, and know where to get it, but don't have time to prepare it, I'm your girl! Once your menu is set and your groceries are in the kitchen, I will appear to whip them into delicious meals.
Not the right plan for you?  No worries.  Let’s come up with the perfect solution! 

Please contact me for pricing. Pricing depends on menu preferences and distance.

Hiring someone to shop and cook for you is an investment in your health.  Whether you have a new family, no interest in cooking, are too busy to cook, have health concerns, or are simply suffering from restaurant burnout, I am here to help! You will know that your food is fresh, of the highest quality, and not loaded with sugar, salt or fat.  The vast majority of disease is lifestyle related; by putting the best food possible into your body is the best way to insure a long and wonderful quality of life. 

Please contact me for a free consultation. I can't wait to start cooking for you!


  1. You are inspiring! We want to be food fairies just like you. In the mean time we will keep working on our cooking skills!

  2. Hi I just wanted to take a moment and say hello! We'll be meeting at "Camp" on Friday. My name is GREG and I am Sippity Sup!

  3. Thanks so much for saying hi and visiting my blog. Your blog is beautiful! Can't wait to read it all!

  4. Hi There, I am putting together an LA HLB bloggies meet-up for a 1:00 p.m. lunch on Saturday, October 23.

    If you are interested in joining us please email me at and let me know.


  5. i want you to cook for me! one day, when i can afford you!

  6. wow, I'm getting hungry looking at all those photos!