Jan 22, 2010

Chicken Saag and Mimicreme adventures

I enjoyed a bit of a personal chef hiatus this week, and husband benefited.  The more I cook professionally, the more husband needs a professional to cook for him.

Last night, I whipped up some chicken saag and roasted fingering potatoes.

Chicken saag is simply skinless, boneless chicken (I use thighs cuz they don't dry out and are way tastier than breast meat, me thinks) simmered in a spinach-onion-jalapeno-spices and yogurt sauce (I used Tofutti for lactose intolerant husband).  I saute the veggies and spices until fragrant, then whizz em in the food processor until smooth, back in the pan, add the chicken, simmer and you've got dinner in 30 minutes.


Nothing better than a properly seasoned and roasted potato.  Well, maybe a properly seasoned and roasted chicken...


Husband's dinner.  Full belly happy husband.


Today, I tried to replicate my frozen chocolate souffle using Mimicreme instead of whipping cream.


Well, the creme did not whip.  This was after 10 minutes of my Kitchen Aid trying desperately to incorporate air into said creme.  I gave up and threw it in the fridge while I prepped the rest of the "souffle" which I was downgrading to pudding.


Eggs, egg yolks and raw sugar were whipped over a simmering pan of water to gently cook the eggs without scrambing the eggs.


More mimicreme was simmered, and bittersweet chocolate and vanilla were incorporated.  The chocolate sort of broke, which did not happen with regular cream.  Mimicreme drama.


This is the result, just as I popped it in the freezer.  It may not be a frozen souffle, but Mimicreme, chocolate, eggs, sugar and vanilla-what could be bad?

Husband tried a bite when it was semi-frozen and said "Yum!  It tastes like a Jello Pudding Pop!"


In other news, I had cake for dinner.  Again.  This is becoming a weekly ritual that I'm not sure how to feel about.  I've been happily rotating yoga and running each day and feel great.  My weight is the same, so...why not?

Tomorrow, I will share my adventure in bread baking!  So freaking excited, y'all have no idea.

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  1. mimicreme does not whip, but they will be launching a whippable version called healthy top very soon. You can make it whippable by creaming some palm oil or coconut oil with confectioners sugar. Add cornstarch to the mimicreme and thicken and cool, then add the mimicreme to the creamed sugar mixture and whip until fluffy, the problem is it turns into a solid when chilled, sort of like an icing.