Nov 10, 2009

Camera Practice. Time To Read The Manual.

My weekly pepperoni pizza fix.  I like my pizza "well done", so when it gets delivered I pop that baby into a 400 degree oven until the pepps and cheese is blistering.


Usually use parchment paper.  On Sunday I used foil.  It stuck.  Trying to peel crispy cheese off foil=foil in mouth.  Not cute.


Husband's chicken ravioli with steamed veggies.  Looks kinda romantical.


And his "chocolate suicide cake".  He's kinda obsessed with this cake from Earth, Wind and Flour.  I've never tried it cuz that's how uninterested in chocolate I am...


Oh boy I need to learn about this camera.  Here is husband's salmon pasta, horribly lit.


Whew.  At least it tasted good.  I sauteed onion, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and garlic in a bit of olive oil.  After they were golden brown, I added lemon juice and hummus to make it creamy.  Added the salmon and let it steam for 6 minutes, tossed in linguini and topped with soy parm.


Mine (in the dark):  broccoli, cheese, nuts and a Honey Peanut Promax bar.

Monday workout:  A VERY distracted weight workout a la Squeeze Stronger with Tracy Effinger.  I've seriously never been so not into a workout and completed said workout.  I woke up yesterday feeling defeated and depleted.  For no good reason.  I've worked so hard to arrive at this place; where I'm happy doing what I love to do.  Since arriving at this lovely place, I feel simultaneously guilty (don't deserve it) and terrified (it will go away/I will f**k it up).

Mercy me.

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