Oct 10, 2009

Woodranch Grill! It's Been Too Long...

Another eventful day in Unruh land.  I met a client in Westlake Village, then proceeded to Thousand Oaks to meet husband and Austin for an orthodontic consultation.  Time for braces, it is.  Poor buddy has to have two teeth pulled and several cavities filled before he can get said braces.  He was remarkably calm and collected through the whole thing.

We had a late lunch at Woodranch Grill, which you know I love love love.  Above Austin is taking an exaggerated sip of his rootbeer before he tears into his house salad (by tear I mean 2 bites).


I've heard their garlic rolls are the bomb.  I have not tried them because I always know that I will eat my entire salad and an entire side of buttery mashed sweet potatoes.  Crazy thinking, clearly.


Husband ordered buffalo wings.  Random.


Austin dug right in.  Evan thought they were too vinegary, almost "bitter".  Austin thought he was being a baby.


My salad.  It's a chopped salad with black beans, tomatoes (which I always pick off), corn chips, corn, cheese, marinated portobello mushrooms with a light ranch dressing.  It's delicious.


One of my favorite dishes in the world.  Smashed sweet potatoes.  I'm sure these are full of butter, cream and brown sugar and I don't care.  Amazing.


Husband's rib "sampler", which just seemed like a small rack of ribs.  Nothing sampler about it, but he said they were mighty tasty.


Austin's sirloin steak and smashed sweet potatoes.

This was a very wonderful, cheap $85 dollar lunch.  We talked cookies so it's a write off, right?

Saturday workout:  30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels-Level 1 and 2

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