Oct 4, 2009

For The Love Of An Omelet Baguette


Our matching lunches.  This gloriousness happened at Amandine on Saturday.  My bestest supporter (and big GV fan), Rachel, came over for a little baking fun and brainstorming sesh.  This naturally left us famished, so before we dashed across town to check out a commercial baking facility, I wanted to introduce Ms. Rachel to the best egg sandwich in the world.

So we're walking and she's like, "where are we going?", and I'm like, "Amandine, it's a super cute little bakery and cafe that has-", she cuts me off and says, "I think I've been there.  I had an amazing onion and Gruyere omelet on a baguette.  The only thing was that the egg was premixed so they couldn't make the omelet with only eggwhites." 

Now I'm officially weirded out (in a good way) because:
  • That's the exact dish I ordered, have craved, and thought she would go bonkers over
  • I, too, tried to the omelet with egg whites only, and
  • I've only known Rachel for 2 weeks and feel like I've known her forever
Like The Devil Wears Prada, the sandwich was just as good the second time around.  Perfectly balanced; the soft egg, sweet onions, pungent cheese, grainy mustard, fresh greens with vinaigrette on a freshly baked in-house baguette is sweet music.  Happy bellies.

The commercial baking space was interesting.  I find it humorous that Los Angeles requires that I bake out of a kitchen that is up to "code", which is actually dirty and creepy.  Wouldn't want any baked goods coming out of my immaculately clean kitchen.  No, sir.

Saturday workout:  4 mile contemplative walk


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