Sep 11, 2009

Food on Friday

Denise took me to a belated birthday lunch at Kate Mantilini.  I had a Caesar salad and she had a cheeseburger, which I did not photograph because I am polite, and she had just returned from a whirlwind trip to Ojai where she taught ladies how to make Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon in 100 degree weather, and I figured she was in no mood.
The salad was awesome and very heavy on the anchovies, which I love, but figured my afternoon massage client would not, so I stole a handful of Tic Tacs from Denise before I left.

 My cantaloupe.  Scrumptious.
The rest of my dinner:  cucumber, broccoli, cheese, nuts and two cookie disasters:  chocolate peanut butter and amaretto.  The flavor was great, however neither cookie set up because my one baking sheet is currently under our pipes for the kitchen sink.  Catching water.  So in my eternal wisdom I decided I could put cookie dough into mini cake tins and they would turn out fine.  Not so much.  
Moral of the story:  a vegan baking goddess NEEDS to have more than one baking sheet.  Duh.

Husband's blurry dinner:  steamed veggies, buffalo hot dog from Whole Foods (these are off the, do not walk to WF and git you some), baked beans and salt and pepper potato chips. 
He was mighty distracted during this meal.  He has work head and has been on the phone with his graphic artist (boyfriend) for several hours. 

Friday workout:  YogaGlo with Jo.  Lovely.


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