Aug 25, 2009

Birthday Dinner At Bandera

Here we are. Husband was exhausted and I was wired. All excited about my new business that is quickly forming. Husband has already created his business and is up to his earballs (my dad's expression-gotta love it) in work. Happy but very tired husband.

Pardon the very bad pictures. I forgot my camera so was iPhoning it and it was extremely dark. I always go to Bandera because it is my favorite. The food is really good and consistent, but more than that what keeps me coming back is the service. I really believe that everyone there is genuinely happy to see me and is interested in my life. Whoever trains these people should get a Nobel Peace Prize. If every customer service experience was like Bandera, I would be one broke mother f**ker.

We started with a cornbread and focaccia plate, which came with olives (yum) and guacamole (strange). There cornbread is money and was my dessert (they even make cornbread croutons and put them in every salad they serve. They had me at cornbread croutons).

Husband's grilled lamb with Parmesan spinach and buttered Brussels sprouts. The Brussels sprouts were for me.

My beef tenderloin with a cheddar and butternut squash enchilada, cucumber salad and grilled asparagus. Heaven. All of it. The steak was butter and everything was perfectly seasoned. Just a touch of heat. Gorgeous.

Husband's side of mac and cheese. They do this very well.

Thank you, Bandera. Love you. Miss you. See you soon.

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