Jul 18, 2009

Saturday Carb Extravaganza

Husband and I left the house at 5am today to take Austin to his very first triathlon in Santa Barbara. He did great, and the event was very well put together and organized.

By 10am, the salt air and all the running back and forth to see Austin swim and bike and run left husband and me famished. And Austin was hungry, too. So we stopped by a random Eggs 'n Things to have a big breakfast. Above is husband's strawberry banana stuffed french toast. I tried to warn him that it would be filled with puddingy weird stuff, but I didn't explain myself clearly and he was grossed out. But still ate most of it. Good man.

Austin's breakfast croissant. The croissant was more like a biscuit; he wasn't impressed.

My plain french toast. Not great. What I really wanted was Denny's french toast (which I'm pretty sure they deep fry-it's amazing). Boring. Eggs 'n Things sucks.

After we dropped an exhausted Austin off, we came home, napped, I did yoga and then we ordered an early dinner. This is husband's chicken ravioli, buffalo wings and chocolate cake. I guess our days of "no flour, no sugar" are loooong gone.

My small cheese pizza on whole wheat crust. Can't say I had much protein today, but I did eat exactly what I wanted.

Saturday workout: running around Santa Barbara cheering on Austin, and yoga with Jo.

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