May 26, 2009

Zankou Chicken And I Think I'm Catching A Cold

This is my chicken tarna plate from Zankou. We tried to have Mexican at Don Antonio's, but they were closed for the holiday. We opted for Zankou takeout (it's like eating in a cafeteria-not a fan).

About 10 minutes before we left for dinner I started feeling weird; scratchy throat and a bit feverish. By the time I finished this meal I knew I had a cold. I guess I'm due; I haven't been sick since my honeymoon. Still, I HATE that I missed culinary school and with husband out of work, it's creepy having us both here, just sort of hanging out. Actually, we both marketed quite a bit and I put up a new ad for my personal chef services, which is exciting.

All about faith at this point.

Husband's 1/2 roast chicken with hummus and salad. Zankou tasted good last night. Decidedly lighter than Versailles and considering I ended up getting sick and lying around for the next 24 hours straight, I'm glad I didn't stuff myself with chicken skin and fried plantains. Maybe later.

Sunday workout: 3 mile run

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