May 16, 2009

Lamb Stew And A Scandal

Denise was right, it's near impossible to make stewy things look like anything other than dog food. This was some lovely reheated lamb stew with hot roasty new potatoes fried in butter.

Mine: broccoli and cauliflower, cucumber, cheese, nuts and dried pineapple. Then I had some extra nuts (getting crazy on Friday night).

I gave in and bought a People magazine at the grocery store because Kate (of Jon & Kate Plus 8) gave an exclusive. Yes, I am obsessed with the show and totally invested in the family although I will be the first to admit I was horrified of the way she spoke to her husband and sometimes to her kids in the beginning and then I got sucked in. She's like that sister you know is a complete bitch but you love her because you get why she does what she does...that's how I feel about Kate.

I like Jon, too and I believe they both love their kids, but I think they will split up and it's probably for the best. It is kind of exploity though how foe their Memorial Day premiere they're going to meet on camera after not speaking for weeks or really is creepy, this "reality" television thing. Too bad I can't stop watching. And they can make lots of money to pay for their kid's therapy bills.

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