May 9, 2009

Cornmeal Crusted Turbo With Roasted Potatoes

Husband is still on a fish kick and I've been buying different kinds of fishies to keep it interesting. Tonight was turbo, which is a thin white fish that I dredged very lightly in a seasoned flour/cornmeal mixture and pan fried quickly in oil and butter. Served with oven roasted fingerling potatoes and...

...spinach salad. Husband likes spinach because it's smooth. Same same with avocados. I tossed in some tomato and cucumber and dressed it with a lime vinaigrette spiked with cumin and cilantro.

We sat at the table; the first time in a couple of weeks. Husband was sick (wanted to eat while reclining) and working on a painting project (which took over the table completely). You will notice my lovely ritual meal in the background: broccoli, cucumber, cheese, nuts and dried pineapple.

Workout: pathetic 3 mile jog/walk/jog. My legs felt like rubber bands and I felt super fat, which has carried over to today. Don't know why.

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  1. i love a well balaced meal like this that is so applealing. the photos looks great.
    This is how a home meal should look like