Apr 5, 2009

I Ate A Quarter Pounder With Cheese

On our way to Palm Springs for Mother-In-Law's 65 birthday party, we were hungry.  It was dinnertime.  I'm not sure how we deduced to "let's have McDonald's", but there we were.  It sounded like a novelty to me considering I have not eaten a McDonald's anything except salad since 1992.  Husband ordered bags of crap and I nervously ordered a side salad and...a Quarter Pounder With Cheese.

Have to start with the salad.  Who wants a crappy salad after you've eaten a big, sexy burger?  Not me.  Husband is shooting and driving.  Multi-tasking husband.

Wow.  It looks and smells just like 1992.  And it's so small!  

I can't believe I'm about to eat this.

Hmmm.  Very disappointing.  Bland.  Meat has NO FLAVOR.  It didn't feel like food and I felt like I'd received no nutrients.  But you can eat McDonald's and be on a diet.  My entire meal was less than 600 calories.  The question I have is...why would you want to?  Maybe I should consider fries...

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