Apr 22, 2009

Dinner With The Hills

Husband and I thought dinner at Don Antonio's would be nice (I just finished a long day of food styling, so cooking was not a priority). When we were approaching, we noticed a film crew had invaded the restaurant, and it seemed unusually filled with hipsters not normally seen in this quantity in West LA. Thought nothing of it. Then Spencer and Heidi walked in. Yep, we're now on The Hills film set.

Then a PA comes over and asks if we'll sign a release as we will totally be in the shot (our booth was right behind theirs). Yes, I am 32. Yes, I am excited and yes, I watch The Hills. I even DVR The Hills, even though I cannot stand anyone on the show. We took a sneaky shot of Spencer's crazy big jaw. He looks way more normal and cuter in person. She looks like a Country singer.

Sooo, Don Antonios. Mexican joint. Spencer and Heidi. Look for my head. Ponytail (of course, dammit!).

My chicken burrito with guac and a pool of beans and cheese. Nummy.

Husband's chicken enchilada plate.

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