Apr 14, 2009

Culinary School: Starches

Here I am kneading pasta dough with our substitute chef for the day, Margaret Ferrazzi.  It was fun, easy and comforting, just like eating it!  I would love to hang out in the kitchen, making pasta.  Hmmm, Mandy's Pasta...

Our assistant instructor, Beth, showing us how to use the pasta machine (I missed most of this demo as I was stirring stirring stirring risotto).

My buddy Mattias getting ready to fry some plantains, one of my ultimate weaknesses.

Workout:  6:30am 3.7 mile run with husband.


  1. great...you must have had fun , i love working dough!

  2. its still me , i just read your comment in my blog, thankyou and congrats to your parents also , i can't believe we got married the same day even though different year. I wish them all the best , bye!