Apr 25, 2009

Corn Dogs And I'm Tired

It was a long and wonderful week and I was (and still am) kinda done. Husband and I attempted to run on a track in Brentwood. He ran, I walked and pouted, frustrated with myself even though I understood rationally why my body might be saying "slow the f*** down, please!", I wanted to run an 8 minute mile. Whatever.

Husband got two corn dogs (vegetarian kind) and yam mash (strange, I know, but it's what his body wanted...).

Mine: cucumber, broccoli, string cheese, nuts and dried pineapple.

I've been struggling with diet soda again. I've been having it in some form or another pretty much on a daily basis for the last couple weeks. Feel guilty for putting chemicals in my body, yet I continue to do it. Addiction is a mystery, man.

Workout: 3 1/2 mile walk (2 on a track, 1 1/2 to get home)

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