Mar 14, 2009

California Vegan Meal-First Meal Shared At Dining Room Table

We went to this little vegan Thai joint and picked up 5 pounds (2 orders) of pad thai to enjoy at home.  Sitting at the dining room table.  We have never done this before because I prefer eating in front of the television.  To say "prefer" is putting it mildly.

Husband also preferred this but has turned a new leaf and would like to eat without media distraction.  I decided to join him was good.  Really good.  The only negative effect I can foresee is I may watch a lot less TV.

I did, however, eat way too much pad thai (and it wasn't very good, the noodles were completely stuck together, but I managed to ingest them all), which was not so conscious of me.  But not bad for my first time.

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