Feb 15, 2009

Sweet Ending

Husband and I do not eat sugar.  Like, desserty sugar, not like no ketchup or salad dressing sugar.  When we finished our Valentine's dinner we were wanting a treat, so we ventured to Whole Foods (which I loathe on principal and that blog is coming soon) and bought these three raw, vegan items to sweeten the evening.  What you see is Foodology's Guilt Free Brownie, Leaf Cuisine's Apple Torte and Nude Food's Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake.  All tasted pretty damn awesome to us, and me, a major sugar addict, was done eating these before husband.

I did, however just shrink back in horror when I went onto Nude Food's site and learned that the little sliver of pumpkiney delight was 600 calories.  I'm so gaining the first year of marriage five (which I just made up).  Get thee to spinning!

My Valentine's flowers.  I am a lucky, lucky bride.

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