Feb 9, 2009

El Torito with the Gardners

Yes, we are boring. We are at El Torito again and I don't know why we keep going back, especially to the Santa Monica location. Bad service, bad salsa and the food is meh. Here's the meh chips and bad salsa.

That was my chicken burrito with all rice, no beans. It took two tries to get that right. And to end the meal, I found a piece of Brillo pad in my burrito, so it was free. Lovely.

Angie and Jeff's combo meal. They didn't comment, but they did enjoy 2 margaritas, so who really cares about the food?

1 comment:

  1. i have gone a couple time to a 'bleh' mexican joint b/c of the margaritas. it's amazing what a little tequila can do for food-snobbery. :)