Jan 16, 2009

Koo Koo Roo

I had an extremely busy day: take client to minor surgical procedure at 6am. Take woozy client home and tuck them in bed. Proceed directly to set for promotional video to be a production assistant (totally fabulous and fun) from 9am-5pm. Eat dinner somewhere and then massage another client at 7pm. That's crazy busy day for Mrs. Mandy.

The plan was to take myself somewhere nice for dinner, so where do I go? Koo Koo Roo. Pathetic. I think I felt awkward eating by myself, like I'd be one of those people I feel sorry for when I see them eating alone. I even had Rolling Stone and Martha Stewart Living with me but I was still too weirded out.

Not that Koo Koo Roo is that bad. The chicken's kind of tasty normally, but this tasted old and I was kind of nauseous for the rest of the evening. More punishment.

But it was a great day.

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