Jan 11, 2009

Earth, Wind and Flour

We keep coming back for more because this is one of three places that have free delivery (other than pizza, of course, but we're trying not to go there).

I've had many disappointing meals here, but the salads are pretty tasty. This is their chicken Caesar, which I order chopped. I dress it with a combo of Trader Joe's Reduced fat ranch and fat free balsamic. Yum. The cheese makes the salad, which is sharp and plentiful.

If I'm still hungry (which I always am) I have some nuts or pineapple to round out the meal.

Husband (that would be his left knee in the frame-sexy, right?) has spicy sausage and peppers and some of my salad. I steamed some veggies and threw them in the sausage to bulk up his meal.

We're obsessed with House, so we watched two episodes and had a Singstar break in between. Singstar is the one and only game where I can beat husband. Kinda satisfying.

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