Dec 13, 2008

Final sick day (hopefully)-dinner

We were supposed to travel to Idyllwild this weekend to celebrate Christmas with some of husband's family (I guess they're mine, too huh? Weird.). Not to be. We want to get him better before we get on a plane and fly across the country to be with my family (who are also his...yay) for the actual holidays.

Another frozen reheat: Turkey and spinach meatloaf, tots, celery and a fried banana.

We watched Get Smart. Really, really funny the first hour. Then a little less funny, but overall good. I haven't laughed that much during a movie since Napoleon Dynamite...wait, does my wedding video count? That's pretty funny, too.

Mine: Celery, broccoli, cheese, nuts and dried pineapple.

1 comment:

  1. sickies suck. hope he gets feeling better for the family trip!