Dec 25, 2008

Christmas dinner (disaster)

Ok, it was not really a disaster. I was kind of a disaster on Christmas day obsessing about work. So much so that I was the most distracted I've ever been in the kitchen.

Here's the results: yam mash (excellent), lemon and garlic roasted chicken (very good thanks to mom), and roasted brussel sprouts with prosciutto (first on the verge of burning in the oven, mom suggested we finish cooking in a pan and cover so they could steam a bit with some chicken stock. They turned out great. Thanks again, mom. Usually I have no issue with the sprouts, but this oven was not my friend).

Beautiful table. Thanks again again mom!
For my last trick, I burned the green beans. They were so smoky I threw them into the snow bank. Merry Christmas! I need a Xanax.

1 comment:

  1. poor green beans. :( i totally forgot to even make mine, so i did without this year. oh well.

    glad to hear you had nice holiday with your family!