Nov 27, 2008

Soggy pizza

Husband, sister-in-law Angie and her two boys, Grant and Gannon and I all went out to a place called Stuft.  After a 40 minute wait we were seated outside (place was beyond packed with Thanksgiving eve families who were not interested in cooking) and it immediately began to rain.  Because we are in Palm Springs, the umbrellas that were over our heads were not equipped for anything beyond a drizzle, and so we ate mediocre pizza while being wet and cold. 

This is a "Napa Valley" pizza I ordered=ham, bacon, onions, mushrooms, apples, brie and mozzarella.  It was stupidly bad, so I ate off of Husband's and the boys pepperoni pizzas, which were "meh".

Then I had the pizza experience where you feel fine at first and then two hours later it feels like the dough has expanded and your stomach will certainly burst in the next little while.  It didn't, but I didn't eat again until Thanksgiving dinner the next day at 4:30pm.

Caesar salad before the pizza and during the rain.  It was fine.

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