Nov 2, 2008

Saturday dinner

It was a long, rainy yet lovely day with Austin.  We scouted bike routes, had lunch, had a disastrous trip to the mall and a much better experience at the library. 

Once we got home, we ate early, went to bed even earlier and listened to the rain.

Mine:  broccoli, cheese, nuts and dried pineapple.

Husband:  assorted raw and cooked veggies, meatloaf, chips and homemade apple sauce.


  1. What made the trip to the mall disastrous?

  2. Good question. The best diplomatic answer I can provide is that I attempted to window shop at the mall with a man and his 13 year old son. Despite their seeming enthusiasm at this idea before we actually entered said mall, once we had it was as if I had forced them inside under threat of bodily harm. I will not make that mistake again.