Nov 2, 2008

Friday night

After a long day, I actually love to cook.  It's the best form of meditation for me (to be truthful, it's the only way I can meditate.  Passing out at the end of sweaty yoga doesn't count.).  

My dinner:  tomato, cucumber, green beans, cheese, nuts and dried pineapple.

Husband's dinner:  loaded cheeseburger on a low carb English muffin, tater tots and pineapple.  He didn't eat the pineapple, apparently he doesn't like to eat pineapple with other food.  Probably some weird holdover from some food combining book from the '80's.  I make it a point to never question any of his seeming food eccentricities because he is so patient and compassionate with mine.  That's love, man.

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