Oct 31, 2008

Salmon Caesar for husband

Mama's dinner:  baby yellow peppers, cucumber, green beans, cheese, nuts and dried pineapple.

Husband enjoyed broiled salmon with veggies, homemade apple sauce and a Caesar salad.  I suggested he  put the salmon on the salad as I think the creamy salmon goes beautifully with the cheesy goodness of a Caesar salad.  I also added heirloom tomatoes and Persian cucumber to the salad.  Yum.  A little bit jealous of that dinner.

Husband is giving up sugar.  Like me, he has a VERY hard time eating sugar in moderation (yes, I know I just said God is a perfect cupcake, that doesn't mean I should eat them).  So the apple sauce was sweetened with vanilla stevia.  He likey.

We watched the beginning of the latest Indiana Jones movie.  Ummm, not my thing.  I haven't seen any of the other Indiana films (I know, I haven't seen Star Wars either, and I don't get The Matrix...I can't believe my husband married me).  Husband said the first Indiana was the only good one.  I'll take his word for it.

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  1. So Mandy, I've been very slow on updating my blog or visiting anyone else's in the last few weeks, so I didn't have a chance to congratulate you on your new (big!) gig. What're you going to be doing? I'm working on one right now in health writing and very, very optimistic about it...if it ever gets going!

    So, there's probably an obvious answer somewhere, but why do you always have a fairly carb-less, "eat, repeat" dinner while the man gets the good stuff? Are you on a perpetual diet?

    Also, stevia. I have yet to experiment with stevia, but really want to try some natural/altnerative sweeteners. I like the idea, and lately, my sensitivity to sugar has gone way up! So the less, the merrier...but like you, man, sometimes I gotta have something sweet. (I say as the wrapper from a piece of eaten Halloween candy looks up at me.)