Oct 19, 2008

French toast bites

Making husband brunch is fun. He's feeling much better and has been out and about yesterday and today. We even went shopping at Crate and Barrel (we had lots of wedding gift cards), and I saw Taylor from the Rachel Zoe Project (the super bitchy assistant). She was wearing her dark glasses, sitting on a chair, looking petulant. She had a nice tan.

Brunch: low carb blueberry bagel french toast bites, turkey sausage, scrambled cheesy eggs and fruit.

I had the usual: broccoli, cheese, cucumbers and dried pineapple.

Our Crate and Barrel splurge: 4 wine glasses, 4 salad plates, 2 red shag pillows, 2 yellow pillows, 1 green vase, 1 apple green leather ottoman (that was the sexy buy), 1 green Christmas stocking.

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