Oct 20, 2008

Dirty Feet Fight

Oh my word.  Husband and I had our first stupid marriage spat this morning.  It was the kind of craziness you hear coming out of your mouth and all you can think is "I sound just like my mother".  Not attractive.

Husband was getting ready for work and he commented that his bare feet were dirty and when was the maid coming again.  I said she had just been here and I vacuumed yesterday.  What was HAPPENING was that my feelings were being hurt and thinking he's thinking I'm a bad wife who doesn't know how to clean.  What I SAID to him was "well, if you didn't wear your shoes in the house maybe your feet wouldn't get dirty so fast".  Ugh.  Mommy.  He promptly escaped the apartment and I felt horrible.  The spat and the subsequent murder of 20 giant house flies that are coming from nowhere resulted in my not taking any food photos.

The moral of my sad story is no matter how hard I try to be perfect, the flies will somehow get in and muck it up, so I might as well enjoy my food.  And my husband.

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