Sep 14, 2008

Sunday dinner

Today was farmer's market day.  Which has become quite the project.  I love the quality of the produce as well as the vendors.  I do not love the parking, the cash only policy or the lugging of 20 pounds of produce after I've already been to the gym.

I bought one of those super hip old-lady-carts-on-rollers, so that's awesome.  After running out of cash at the fish lady's stand, I went to the regular store and bought protein for the week.  By the time I did the shopping, cleaning, storing and putting away of all of our goods, it was beyond my ken to make lunch.  This is why you are only seeing dinner.

I made the scallops with sauteed broccoli and chopped onion tossed with pasta and finished with butter, lemon and Romano cheese.  Stevia strawberries for dessert.
I had french sliced green beans, cheese, nuts and stevia strawberries.  Delish berries.

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