Sep 27, 2008

Dinner at Chin Chin

We met our lovely friend, Laura, and her new flame, Rick, for dinner at Chin Chin in Brentwood. I'm not a huge Chinese food fan. It's usually too oily and sugary for me and gives me a food hangover. Chin Chin is an exception. You can get anything made with low or no oil, but it still tastes good (not like other Chinese restaurants that say they can prepare with no oil, and then just steam it totally plain, no salt, no nothing).

We started with vegetable and chicken potstickers. Not memorable. The vegetables inside the dumpling were very coarsely chopped with big strands of spinach. Not great.
Hot and sour soup was good.

My chinese chicken salad. Yum! They have the best red ginger dressing. More tart than sweet, and a bit spicy. And low fat, which means you can eat ALL of the fried wonton strips. Really.

Husband's orange chicken. He ate it, but said it was only alright and tasted "healthy". Not crave inducing.

Service was great and surprisingly chill. For some Chinese minus the food coma, go taste for yourself!

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  1. Look at all that food! I love asian food! I love your term "food hangover"! I have had a couple of those in my life!

    Adding you to my blogroll!