Aug 31, 2008

Birthday at a cemetery, brunch and bad Cajun

I wanted to do something for my birthday, and once I have a thought like this, the following thoughts immediately occur:  "but I don't want to cook, I'll be stressed out and worried that the apartment is too hot.  And what will everyone do?  What if they're bored?  And we can't go out to eat.  It may be too expensive, and loud, and what if people can't hear each other..."  This is why I don't have parties more often.

I decided having the non-party party at Hollywood Forever cemetery would be the best of both worlds (ha).  People can eat, people don't have to eat.  People only need to pay $10 bucks to get in.  People can chat and if people are not liking the chat, they can watch the movie.  It was fun.  We watched Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.  Well, I didn't really watch.  I mostly snuggled little 4 1/2 month old Emarie Skye.

Back to the food.  I whipped up a batch of macadamia nut brownies, popped some corn, bought some cheddar Chex Mix and every movie candy you AND your adult teeth could imagine. 
Woah, crooked turkey sausage, tofu cheese eggs, toasted low carb onion bagel and fruit salad on a Sunday.
This dinner sucked.  We both had an emotional, newly married are-we-on-the-same-page kind of day.  I did not feel like cooking on top of all that, so we ordered from Bourbon Street Shrimp on Pico.  To its credit, we did not order shrimp or bourbon and maybe those are the highlights.  First of all-out of cornbread.  Huh?  That is the only reason I even agreed to order.  We had grilled veggies-mangled, raw and rubbery carrot slices, bitter zucchini and broccoli.  Ok, hate you already.  Next up, red beans and rice that managed to be tasteless and too spicy at the same time.  Chicken, dry and depressed.  Steak ok, like Sizzler ok.  The calamari was decent.  
To end our slightly hellish day with this bizzarely bad meal sent us both to the cupboards to wallow our sorrows in mixed nuts and dried fruit.  Then hubby went to bed at 9pm.   Happy Labor Day!

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