Jul 4, 2008

Melty Week

Oh, Gosh. Another salad. I can't even remember what it was. Ummm...oh yeah. Evan got a salad bar salad and wanted me to give it some sex appeal. So I added some nuts, tofu cheese and two kinds of organic dressing. And a carrot juice chaser. Can you say "only in LA"? Don't worry...I don't eat like that.

Broiled salmon, veggies and a VERY buttery baked potato.

Evan thought our shoes looked cute. I think they look like the guy's mouth from the Scream movies. I stomped out of the house right after this picture was taken, at 6:15am, because I didn't want to go drape shopping AGAIN. Just a bit of Bridezilla.

Dinner and feelings talk at Casa Escobar. Getting married makes a person oh so silly sometimes. Back to the food.

This place is well known for its stiff drinks, and for good reason (Ev couldn't finish one margarita). It is lesser known for its food, and for good reason. We started with albondigas soup, and it was delish! So excited, we love Mexican food and this is so close to home!

Here come the spinach enchiladas. Looks yum, no? Then I cut into one only to discover raw spinach leaves with raw onion and raw tomato. Huh? It was shockingly bad. And I still ate the whole thing. I'm a good eater.

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