Jul 16, 2008

Creole end and Roses for dinner

I had red beans and rice with fried green tomatoes. I've got to tip my hat to them with the beans and rice. It was vegan, and full of flavor. Not an easy task. The green tomatoes were fried and had some melted cheese on top. How can you screw that up?

The collard greens were inedible. So salty, and I am a salt addict. No one is tasting the greens, clearly. Cute presentation, though.

After a day of driving and oohing and ahhing at the ocean views, we landed in Morrow Bay. We found great online reviews of this place called Roses. "Best Calamari in Morrow Bay". Excellent. Ev started out with some crazy banana colada thing.

I had some decent clam chowder (you will see another clam chowder I ate the same day I came down with one of the worst stomach bugs I have experienced. Hard to look at clam chowder.).

"The best" calamari was so not. But it was fried and came with cocktail sauce, so it was eaten.

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