Jun 28, 2008

The Farm of Beverly Hills

Another Wednesday evening at The Grove. I've been doing some last minute wedding shopping while I wait for Ev to be done with work. Then we eat. We picked The Farm of Beverly Hills. I like it there. Nothing is out of this world, but it's all pretty good. I started with the turkey chili. The turkey was SUPER dry, but the flavor was really interesting. Kind of like a bbq/sloppy joe/chili.

Chopped spinach salad. Cheese, tomatoes, artichokes, bacon...the only issue was the honey vinaigrette that was, you guessed it, too sweet. Big duh on my part.

Ahi three ways. Ev had this the last time we came here. He says it's awesome. I'm not sushi girl, so I take his word.

The Farm is famous for it's brownies. Ev opted for No La Mode but partook in the fudge and caramel sauces. He reported the brownie as soft, fudgy, rich, yet missing that quintessential brownie texture. Was good but may not be repeated.

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